понедельник, 14 июня 2010 г.

Solitude gives birth to Art
Bathroom heals lonely souls, the wine helps to not less
Clears only water .. thought dissipates into the bliss!
Liv Tyler is not sad, she was cheerful, even when all alone
Lily Donaldson in country attire so good!
This photo Scarlet me incredibly pleased
Stylish picture, I think is not a lonely girl, but beautiful!
In nature, we keep our
Rain such a cool and silent
Falls drowned our thoughts
Why do people smoke when sad? It's a mistake!
Water is so tender!
Hide in the garden, immersed in fresh green bushes
Heidi Mount evokes solitude away from society
We were sad one, because the soul suffers and yelling at us!
Light Saves darkness, the beauty of the world!
Forget all that there ..
Nothing to be sad
Being one in a quiet house, makes listening more work!
Nature often coincides with the state of our souls
The difference from the others is not always terrible!
S   Sinking
g   Waiting for someone, it is not in vain!
Reading develops dreaminess and faith in a better

i do love the photo through the window though

3 комментария:

Renata комментирует...

Фотографии изумительные,подписи не менее!

Anna Stelmakh комментирует...

Волшебная музыка! И подборка, очень атмосферно.

something blue комментирует...

да, я не успеваю ничего написать даже)